I’d like a few photos here if you please…Skyrim does exist!

I’d like a few photos here if you please…Skyrim does exist!

This post has been 4 years in the making. My husband and I take camping and business trips across BC and Alberta a few times a year. I’m often leaning out the passenger side window with my camera and lamenting that I wasn’t in costume because the scenery is so incredibly beautiful. These are my top 5 picks for location shoots I would love to do in the future. All photos taken by me, Beebichu.

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5. Bear Glacier Provincial Park, BC

Where: Northern British Columbia just a few minutes from Stewart, on Highway 37A

Very remote, offering ice fields from the Bear Glacier, lush tall mountains covered in waterfalls and lakes. The glacier is predominately visible right next to the road. Low on the list only because of it’s remoteness. The park is a 17hr drive from Vancouver and an 8 hr drive from Prince George.



4. Pavilion Lake in Marble Canyon Provincial Park, BC

Where: On Highway 99/TransCanada 40 minutes Northeast of Lillooet, BC.

Offering jewel coloured lakes nestled between craggy peaks Marble Canyon is a very unique ecosystem. Rocky limestone slopes on the northeast side of the park are contrasted with mossy forest floors on the southwest side. Hidden canyons and waterfalls shelter lush vegetation and flowering plants. When you arrive you can’t help but feel this place is special. In 2001 Pavilion Lake was added to the park’s conservation efforts when extremely rare freshwater stomatolite formations were discovered at the bottom.




3. Jasper Lake / Jasper Lake Dunes

Where: 20 mins northeast of Jasper, AB on the Yellowhead Hwy/Alberta-16.

Can you say epic? This place left me speechless. The highway cuts through Jasper Lake and emerald Talbot Lake. On both sides of the road are sand dunes and long sandy beaches. Everywhere you look are sharp granite peaks with trails just waiting to be explored. I will definitely come back here again.



2. Joffry Lakes Provincial Park, BC

Where: 30 minutes east of Pemberton, BC on Highway 99/TransCanada

Again more epicness! Is that a word? No? I don’t care! Glaciers, mountains, lakes, forests, snowcapped peaks everywhere you look. Part of the Coastal Mountains this entire area offers scenery like this. You can’t go wrong, especially with Pemberton and Whistler so close for amenities and other fun things to do. A bit hard to get to as the wilderness camp site here is a 5km walk from the parking lot by the highway. But for a day trip from Pemberton it would be amazing!




1. Banff and Yoho National Park, Alberta

Where: TransCanada Highway 99 From Field to Canmore, AB.

There isn’t one spot picked out here because the entire expanse of the park is, in one word, spectacular. Indeed, words and photos can barely describe this landscape but I can try with majestic, stunning, and gorgeous. Theres a reason that these parks are designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. If I had to pick specific spots for a shoot, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Lake O’Hara would be my top 3 choices. However the options are endless as the parks consist of 8000 scared kms and crisscrossed with trails and campgrounds.


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