Fran from Final Fantasy XII!

I can’t believe I pulled this cosplay off! I have always liked this character and I believe it took 5 years of cosplaying to actually be able to do it. It wasn’t just the skill required to create all her armour pieces but developing the confidence to feel comfortable showing that much skin. I did cheat though and commissioned a body suit with a nude coloured panel for my stomach and a pretty skirt for the days I’m not feeling confident. Marionetteics Designs made it for me and if you need a commission done she is your girl. Also, dance tights are awesome. I wore this set partially complete to SakuraCon 2017 with my sister. We had a lovely shoot with our whole group and Jos Riv Photography. My sister, Becky, was cosplaying as Fran’s sister, Jote, and we had a great time hanging out together in costume. I worked on this set a little more for Mountain Cosplay Retreat and had so much fun! I wish I was back there again already. Courtney at Undiscovered Photography took some amazing pics, I am so happy with our shoot.  My best friend, Amanda, brought her motorcycle, and beautiful little Honda CB300F. She generously allowed me to pose in for the shoot a few times! Theres more pics to come but here is a sweet preview. Below you can see some progress pics of how I made the armour. Plz note I haven’t made the ankle or toe bits yet.