How I built my Armoured AndrAIa Cosplay

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Materials: wonderflex sculpy model magic worbla eva foam (craft foam and floor mats) kanekelon fibres (wig) recycled belts assortment of gems and beads fabrics; spandex, chiffon, fishnet, unknown metallic knit I learned a lot by making all the different parts for this costume. However, I probably won’t work with EVA … Read More

How to Make Skyrim Cosplay: Nocturnal’s Robes

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      Photographs: Desirée Marié of Into The New Photography and Artistry Cosplayer: Beebichu Cosplay Universe: The Elder Scrolls copyright Bethesda Softworks Greetings Mortals, Please enjoy my Nocturnal photos and read along as I explain how I made this costume. I chose to wear a billowy satin underdress for modesty’s … Read More

I’d like a few photos here if you please…Skyrim does exist!

This post has been 4 years in the making. My husband and I take camping and business trips across BC and Alberta a few times a year. I’m often leaning out the passenger side window with my camera and lamenting that I wasn’t in costume because the scenery is so … Read More

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