How I built my Armoured AndrAIa Cosplay

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  • wonderflex
  • sculpy
  • model magic
  • worbla
  • eva foam (craft foam and floor mats)
  • kanekelon fibres (wig)
  • recycled belts
  • assortment of gems and beads
  • fabrics; spandex, chiffon, fishnet, unknown metallic knit

I learned a lot by making all the different parts for this costume. However, I probably won’t work with EVA foam again. Too much waste is created. I have a bin full of foam scraps that I don’t know what to do with. I’ll look into recycling them like styrofoam but I’m not sure if it is accepted at my local recycling centres.

All the sanding created so much foam dust that I doubt will breakdown in the environment any time soon. There are studies by scientists that show the build up of micro plastics are polluting our environment and traveling up the food chain to poison the animals that eat it. I can’t help but think I just added to the problem by doing all my sanding outside.
The fumes created by heating up EVA foam are toxic to me and my family. The glue that is used also emits toxic fumes. I tried crafting out of EVA to save money but the cost was forwarded to my health and my environment.
I will try my best to work with mostly Worbla for my next armour builds. It can be recycled 100% into more pieces to use. No toxic fumes are created by heating it up and its doesn’t need to be glued.


A little video of how I made the scales out of Wonderflex on the leg and arm parts.



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