Dragon Priest Mask WIP – Konahrik

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Hello! I’m currently making a Dragon Priest cosplay from The Elder Scrolls universe. For the mask I have chosen Konahrik. In this gallery you can check out how I made it out of Worbla’s Black Art, and EVA foam. Next steps for the mask will be priming and painting it to look like polished gold.

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Worbla’s Black Art about 1/2 a metre

EVA Foam* 10mm thick – about a square foot

EVA Foam 2mm thick – about a square foot

Hot Glue


Heat Gun **

Hot Knife***

Glue Gun

Mannequin Head


Plastic Wrap

Masking Tape



*EVA foam gasses of toxic fumes when it is heated up. Only heat and form it in a ventilated area and wear a certified chemical gas mask when you do. More information can be found here.

**Heat guns should only be used by an adult and with great care. They can cause severe burns if not handled carefully.

***Hot knifes are electric knives that heat up to 975F and can cause severe burns if not handled properly. They should only be used by adults and with caution.




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