Walk With The Shadows


Cosplay = costume play; the art of bringing a fictional character to life. Cosplay is for anyone and does not discriminate to gender, age, ethnicity, or body type. It is an interactive and performance art for anyone to enjoy.

Beebichu is the cosplay moniker adopted by artist Amanda Eccleston. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and has worked with many art mediums over the years. Her history with costumes originated in 2004 with the designing of opulent and frivolous dresses for her Vaudeville dance group. In 2012 Beebichu made her first handmade cosplay of a Nightingale from The Elder Scrolls universe and the popularity of it launched her onto the internet cosplay scene. She continues to create Elder Scrolls themed costumes and recently has been designing her own original works. Beebichu lives in British Columbia Canada and loves using the great landscapes of her province in her photo shoots. Follow her on social media for previews of upcoming costumes!